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We are forming new classes for the season.
We encourage you to call the dojo to sign-up.
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We plan to have a lot of fun working up a sweat and get fit
in our new classes. Take the initiative to contact us today!
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Our Dojo

The Vermont Martial Arts Academy has been offering instruction since 1981. Established in Rutland Vermont by Rick Marallo Sensei, it presents separate training in systems of Koro Ken Katate, Aikijutsu, T'ai Chi Chuan, and Kick Boxing . Ongoing classes are available to people of all ages and levels of health, including classes for children ages five and up. Recently VMAA has opened another dojo in Manchester Vermont. 297485_238233536215286_1978896_n

Adult's Mixed Martial Arts

days monday,thursday

The Karate system offered at the VMAA is called Koro Ken Karate, which means “mind/fist empty hands”. This is an eclectic style taught in a traditional format. This style, is an excellent form of self-defense. With training, you will learn discipline, improve your mental and physical condition, and develop a life art that you will take everywhere you go.

During MMA training, learn standup sparing along with grappling kick-boxing and ground sparing.

Youth Karate

days monday, tuesday, thursday

This program develops the child's discipline and body conditioning, The positive self image that comes from this program helps the child to resist negative peer energy and helps them to succeed in other endeavors. This program also makes the child aware of the possible dangers of everyday living and helps to prepare them for life. This class is taught in a traditional atmosphere, with emphasis on positive reinforcement


days tuesday, thursday, friday

Aikijutsu translates to energy harmonizing techniques. This art is based on the theory of Ki. This art teaches you to move form hara (center), extending your Ki to redirect your opponents attack in spherical motions around the body. Also included in this art is mat work, submission holds and free style grappling.

Tai Chi Chuan

days monday, wednesday

Tai Chi Chuan translates to “Grand Ultimate Fist” and is an internal form of martial arts. This Chen style is based on the theory of yin & yang and the philosophy of Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese martial arts there are both outdoor and indoor teaching methods. The form taught at VMAA is an indoor or family form received in Tai Chi Chuan men’s tradition.